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Dear colleagues and friends of SEEC

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is my great pleasure and honor to invite you to participate in the 8-th SEEC to be held October 12-15, at the Premium Beach Hotel, in Golem, Durres, Albania.

" After seven very successful consequent South-East European Conferences on Chemotherapy, Infections and Cancer, organized in a very friendly atmosphere in seven different countries from the Region, now it is time for Albania to take over the responsibility to gather all of you in a nice resort at the Adriatic sea-side."

And reminding a very ancient philosophy “Who does not Respect History, He has no Future”, I’d like to extend our warmest gratitude to the founder of SEEC and its first chairperson Prof.Dr. Krassimir Metodiev, who initiated this unique forum in Varna-Bulgaria (2010) and together with all our friends from Belgrade-Serbia (2011), Dubrovnik-Croatia (2012), Istanbul-Turkey (2013), Bled-Slovenia (2014), Thessaloniki-Greece(2015) and Sibiu-Romania (2016), made possible the progress of this conference for the benefit of health-care and medical science.

I very much hope that we shall continue the current energy of our meetings and I am sure Albania shall be proud to be the host of the 8-th SEEC.

We invite you to come and join us to meet and interact with old and new colleagues and friends and spend a few interesting and relaxing days in Albania.

Prof. Arjan Harxhi


Dear colleagues and friends of SEEC,
It is my extreme privilege and honour to meet you soon at the Adriatic sea-shore near Durres in Albania.
It took us serious efforts to organize the 8-th SEEC in October 2017 and I would like to extend my warmest true friend thanks to the local organizers with our colleague Arjan, as Chair of the forum.
Without his activities and the contributions of his Albanian team, we would not have the chance to continue the unique Conference which started in Varna 2010 and until now is the major scientific medical event in the Region of South-East Europe.
Thank all of you, participants and organizers of the 8-th SEEC, and I look forward seeing you soon in Durres.

Prof.Dr. KrassimirMetodiev,
President of IMAB,
Vice-President of FESCI,
Founder and First Chair of the SEEC